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    World Scientific Publishing House Co., Ltd. was prepared in July 2016, and the board of directors was established in January 2017, registered in the UK. The establishing motivation of World Scientific Publishing House is to echo the historical opportunity of 'Going Out' of China's academic culture, participate in the internationalization and digital transformation and upgrading of academic journals worldwide, efforts will be made to help domestic outstanding academic journals head to the world, and a new batch of academic journals will be created with high degree of integration of Eastern and Western advanced culture.

    The company's founding and development philosophy is that whether to publish academic journals or academic books, we adhere to scholars and thinkers to run journals and publish books, adhere to scientific beliefs as the academic orientation of publishing books, and adhere to the laws and regulations the moral folk code of the countries where the publications are located and the spirit of the UN Charter.

    Content-oriented publication first serves the Chinese world, and then integrates into the globalization process of the world. This is to reflect the expectations and commitment of our editors and publishers to the world's future, give science especially the social science a 'civilized' form with modern and contemporary sense in the direction of exploring 'scientific progress', 'social progress' and 'human progress' of the world, especially the Chinese world, affect our diverse and conflicting world deeply which can help to reach a consensus on the gradual progress of this world and make a due contribution to the ethnic peacenational peace and world peace. In today’s world, no matter what kind of community, Whoever masters science, especially the academic culture or advanced civilization with the core of social science, has mastered the right to speak internationally, has the best and most progressive institutional advantages probably, can stand on the historical progress and the commanding heights of the world economy and civilization.

    The company and its publishers will walk with the spirit of the era of scientific civilization with a determined pace and with all partners who care about our growth.

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