Ethic Dilemmas of Characters in Zuo Zhuan and Herodotus’ Histories
Author:WANG Xianpei, Central China Normal University Translated by WANG Yingzi, Shanghai Unversity
Key Word:Herodotus’ Histories; Zuo Zhuan; ethic dilemma; choice
Source:World Science Press

Abstract: As historical and literary classics, both Zuo Zhuan and Herodotus’ Histories attach great importance to the roles of ethics in social history. In these two works, the ethical predicament encountered by certain characters are keenly observed and carefully portrayed. Some predicaments are imposed by external factors, and others are brought about by the conflicts of the characters' internal ethical values. The characters’ choices when facing these predicament and their consequences reveal the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western ethical values, which have exerted a far-reaching effect on later generations, not only providing enlightenment and lessons for modern people, but also offering useful reference for contemporary literature and literary criticism.

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