Construction and Deconstruction of Narration: Roland Barthes, Paul de man, Shakespeare and the Gospel
Author:XU Liang, Zhejiang University Translated by GONG Xiaoxue,Shanghai University
Key Word:narration’ construction; deconstruction; theoretical discourse
Source:World Science Press

Abstract: Narration aims at constructing significance. Roland Barthes discusses the constructive mechanism of narration based on the possibility of constructing significance, but hasn't realized the fundamental crack in this structure. Paul de Man exposes the incompatibility of languages and significance in essence, and the imposition and violence of significance and performativity enforced on language and narration respectively, and points out the impossibility of constructing significance. However, he and Barthes were stuck in the unipolarity and generalization of theoretical discourse. We can find the dual functions of construction and deconstruction of narration can be found in some non theoretical writing, such as Shakespeare's works and the gospel, which indicates other positive elements of languages, especially reading.

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