Retreat and Chaos of Value Standpoint of Literature in New Century
Author:DING Fan, Nanjing University Translated by ZHANG Huan, Shanghai University
Key Word: literature in new century; ideology; value standpoin
Source:World Science Press

Abstract: With the increasing economic marketization of Chinese society since the new century, consumerism features in cultural industry have become more and more evident, which has even aroused the retreat of value standpoint, as is evidenced by the diversified obscurity of the value standpoint of literary creation. Value concept of consumerism culture and cultural concept of feudalism have caused the creation plight and value disorder of literary works. Either boundless preach of system and money or sticking to pure formalism in terms of literary criticism has contributed to the constant retreat and chaos of literary criticism since the new century. In the meantime, network literature and folk literature have also brought about new challenges to critics of academism. Such being the case, intellectuals need to reconsider their ideology and value standpoint in literature and culture of the new century. 

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