Turandot in the Bird’s Nest: Artistic Work to Cultural Product
Author:LI Qingben, Hangzhou Normal University; ZANG Xiaowen, Beijing Fengrun School Translated by WANG Yingzi, Shanghai Unversity
Key Word:Turandot; landscape opera; cultural creative industry
Source:World Science Press

Abstract: Over 100 overseas versions have been performed since the Italian opera, Turandot, came out. As a successful cultural product of recent years, it went on a tour in Taiwan after its performance in the Bird’s Nest directed by Zhang Yimou in 2009, whose success can be attributed to the oriental and occidental image difference of Princess Turandot, Chinese elements in the opera performance and the creation mode of landscape opera. This paper will analyze and discuss the experience and inspiration of the landscape opera Turandot directed by Zhang Yimou from the perspective of story content, creativity and marketing.

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