Interpretation of China’s Experience from the Perspective of Western Literary Theory and Relevant Issues
Author:ZENG Jun, Shanghai University Translated by HE Shuangzi, Shanghai University
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Source:World Science Press

Abstract: The interpretation of “China’s experience” from the perspective of Western literary theory has exerted a profound influence over the construction of discourse system of contemporary Chinese literary theory, whose China’s experience includes “heterogeneous experience”, “common experience” based on the generality of human civilization and “unique experience” native to China. In terms of the subject of literary theory, the interpretation of China’s experience from the perspective of “western literary critism consists of western scholars’ interpretation of Chinese experience”, which was inevitably biased, and “Chinese scholars’ understanding and interpretation of China’s experience by applying western literary theory”, which is generally conducted by “cross-cultural comparison”, “verifying western theory by China’s experience” and “amending western theory by Chinese experience”. The construction of discourse system of contemporary Chinese literary theory is a multidimensional process of theoretical construction which needs to overcome “source fallacy” and “subject fallacy” and improve discourse interpretation of Chinese literary theory with the goal of “effective interpretation” and an open and tolent mindset. 

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