My Study on Bertolt Brecht
Author:ZHANG Li, Institute of Foreign Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Translated by ZHANG Huan, Shanghai University
Key Word:research on Brecht; the fusion of Chinese culture and western culture; new method of research
Source:World Science Press

Abstract: In the 60s, the author first started from the theory of Brecht and the "repetitive study" of his works,writing some papers, academic essays and commentaries, and then the author was not content with things as they were, having the intention of looking for breakthrough in the "relationship of Brecht and Chinese problem" research. However, it was hindered by the disdain of academic circles and author's ignorance of Chinese culture. In mid 80s, with a female German sinologist's enlightenment and drive, the author started from the blueprint problem of The Good People of Sezuan, determined to study the Chinese ancient philosophical knowledge well, and continued to follow the direction of “the relationship between Brecht and Chinese cultural tradition” , writing The good people of Sezuan  and the Chinese Cultural Tradition which had the value and caused a sensation. Since then, the author had gradually put his energy into the study of the relationship between Brecht and Chinese philosophy, and gradually discovered Brecht 's great absorption and integration of Chinese culture. In face of many Brecht 's quotations which are similar to the Analects of Confucius Prose, author also began to come up with a idea to study it with method of studying ancient literature as translation and annotation.

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