For Rural Old-age Support Security Situation of Legal Thought to TongShan County as Re- - spondents
Author:NAN Cebing
Key Word:Rural Old-age Support Security; Traditional Endowment; Medical Insurance; Endow- ment Insurance ; Law

The state council in 2009, 10% of the county (city, area) launched a new type of ru-

ral social endowment in- surance pilot, and will realize the basic national within 10 years of ru-

ral society endowment insurance complete coverage. This will mean in China’s rural endow-

ment long way exists mainly family pension and savings endowment etc way, along with the

development of society changes, and subject to a certain challenges. While the present rural el-

derly endowment pre- sent situation is not optimistic, only continue to consolidate and family

pension mode and strengthening national pension in- vestment combination, the traditional en-

dowment moral idea and relevant legal old-age security system combining together, could let

the old village old man old be raised, the old somewhat to spend a well-fed glut in oldage.

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