The rules of benefit connection of endowment insurance: : focusing on the basic endowment in- surance for urban employees
Author:MAO Jing
Key Word:pension benefits; docking rules; basic pension insurance for urban workers; prop- erty rights

 the benefit docking rules of endowment insurance centering on the basic endow-

ment insurance for urban workers include the vertical rules of deemed payment, supplementary

payment, extended payment and the horizontal rules of mutual transfer between the basic en-

dowment insurance and urban and rural residents. The current pension insurance interest dock-

ing rules damage the interests of enterprise workers with strong liquidity. The benefits of old-

age insurance are related to the material basis of workers’decent life after retirement, and

have the nature of constitutional property rights. Therefore, legislators should not make rules

that infringe on workers’benefits of old-age insurance. Due to the diversification of China’s

employment system and the long-term policy operation of endowment insurance system, we

can establish the property right nature of endowment insurance benefits by means of the nation-

al overall planning of basic endowment insurance

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