The Significance of the Family Problem, “Mechanistic Thought” and “Collective Labor”: Rereading “Mao Zedong’s Letter to Qin Bangxian” (August 31, 1944)—Part 1
Author:Luo Gang
Key Word:Family Unit, Mechanical Thought, Collective Labor

During the Yan’an period, Mao Zedong made important revisions to

an editorial piece printed in Yanan’s Jiefang Daily. These revisions,

along with a related letter of correspondence between Mao Zedong

and Qin Bangxian, shall be analyzed in-depth within this article.

Through them, we may better articulate Mao Zedong’s understand-

ing of agrarian socialism, as well as transformations to the family unit

during the period of New Democracy (xinminzhu zhuyi). His under-

standing [during this period] forms a contrast with that of the May

Fourth period, as well as with that of large-scale industrial socialism,

giving reflection to his focus on looking towards the future, his prag-

matic spirit and his theoretical insight

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