History’s View of “Yan’an Literature and Art”: Reinterpreta- tion of the Contemporary Value of “Yan’an Literature and Art”
Author:Lu Taiguang
Key Word:speech, contemporary value, New Democracy, spiritual legacy

As one of the most important spiritual legacies of left-wing literature and art, Yan’an literature and art holds an extremely important posi-

tion in the history of both modern Chinese and modern world literature and art. The cultural, ideological, and artistic vitality of Yan’an

literature and art has only grown. Yan’an literature and art has not only survived repeated “farewell” attempts, but also, the more it is

cleansed by time, the more radiantly brilliant it appears. Thus, analyzing Yan’an literature and art can be done from a variety of theoretical

perspectives. However, from this author’s limited reading, research on this issue often centers around several classic works, such as Mao

Zedong’s “Speech at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art” and“On New Democracy.” Objectively speaking, these classic works

are what laid the foundation for the ideas and theories surrounding Yan’an literature and art. Their attraction to scholars, therefore, is

not only natural, but also inevitable. But as far as research is concerned, overly fixing one’s sights on one particular point not only

produces thorough and detailed analysis, but can also easily result in the homogenization of research and even the ossification of critical

thinking. Thus, the author believes that in order to analyze the rich cultural legacy of Yan’an literature and art, in addition to focusing on

collecting and researching the classic works, there also needs to be a broadening of historical perspective and academic scope in order to

activate the cultural, ideological, and artistic vitality contained within Yan’an literature and art.

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