Wartime Mobilization and “Improvised” Performance: A Discussion of the Drama Revolution of the Northwest Front- Line Service Corps
Author:Gao Ming
Key Word:Ding Ling, Northwest Front-Line Service Corps, Wartime Mobiliza- tion, “Improvised” Performance

After the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Ding Ling and others formed the Northwest Front-Line Service Corps and assumed

the important responsibility of wartime mobilization. Amongst all literary and artistic forms, the drama became Ding Ling’s preferred

form of propaganda because of its “immense power to induce and incite the people.” In order to adapt to the performance space, audi-

ence seating, and stage conditions, the Northwest Front-Line Service Corps adopted the “improvised” method in creating, rehearsing, and

performing, to great results. However, the “improvised” performance also encountered problems with regards to public propaganda, art 

consumption, and alteration of traditional Chinese theater. In fact, the“improvised” performance touched on the crux of “improvised” art

and its deep predicament.

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