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Allan Poe’s Practice on Single Effect in Short Stories
作者:Binshi WANG
来源:World Science Press

When the reader reads Poe’s tale, terror intrudes into his inmost heart in a subtle

way. The reader unconsciously follows Poe into the dreamlike psychological

process of the protagonist and experiences some “heaviness”, “heaviness in the atmos-

phere—a sense of suffocation—anxiety—and, above all, that terrible state of existence

which the nervous experience when the senses are keenly living and awake, and

meanwhile the powers of thought lie dormant [1] ”. This deep involvement of the

reader is not achieved fortuitously. Instead, it’s the natural result of Poe’s deliberate

planning of the theme, plot, and characters and the intentional use of linguistic tech-

niques and other writing techniques. All elements in his story are so arranged only

for one purpose—to involve the reader into appreciation of the work and create a

united effect on the reader, that is, terror of the soul.

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