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Talking about Educational and Teaching Management under the Target of Cultivating Innovative Ability in Colleges and Universities
作者:Jianhua CHEN
关键词:University; Innovation Ability; Education and Teaching Management; Current Situation; Development; Measures
来源:World Science Press

At present, with the continuous development of national economy and

society, the reform of national education system is also advancing in an orderly way.

As far as the teaching activities in colleges and universities are concerned, the tra-

ditional education and teaching management mode still has some limitations in the

aspects of concept, method and application, which is not conducive to stimulating

students’ learning potential in an all-round way, and is also not conducive to the

overall improvement of students’ innovative ability and comprehensive literacy. At

present, the teaching of colleges and universities has put forward the requirement

of strengthening the cultivation of innovative ability. Based on this perspective, this

paper analyses the significance of strengthening education and teaching manage-

ment under the cultivation of innovative ability of college entrance examination.

Combining with the current situation of the educational and teaching management

in colleges and universities, it puts forward specific measures to strengthen the ed-

ucational and teaching management under the cultivation goal of innovative ability

of colleges and universities for reference.

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