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How to Improve the Efficiency of Chinese Classroom Teaching under the Influence of New Curriculum Reform
作者:Xu Huang, Qinyi JIANG
关键词:New Curriculum Reform; Chinese Teaching; The Efficiency of Teaching
来源:World Science Press

With the advancement of the new curriculum reform, an increasing

number of people pay more attention to the literacy. This is the reason why Chinese

teaching needs more scientific and reasonable reform. The improvement of class-

room teaching efficiency plays an important role in determining the quality of

Chinese teaching, this paper at first, briefly introduces the importance of improving

the efficiency of Chinese classroom teaching in the context of the new curriculum

reform, then the paper analyzes the existing situation in the development of Chi-

nese classroom teaching, and finally discusses the relevant strategies to promote the

efficiency of Chinese classroom teaching, in order to provide reference for im-

proving students’ comprehensive quality of Chinese and the Chinese classroom

teaching efficiency.

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