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Practice and Consideration on National Training Program Sending Teachers to the Countryside for Training
作者:Shuang XIE
关键词:National Training Project; Sending Teachers to The Countryside; Practice and Thinking
来源:World Science Press

With the continuous development of basic education reform in China,

teachers’ teaching ideas, teaching methods and teaching models will undergo great

changes. In this context, it is necessary to improve teachers’ teaching ability and

level in order to better adapt to the requirements of the present era for teachers’ de-

velopment. So in order to realize the requirement of improving teachers’ ability and

improving the quality of education in all aspects, it is necessary for the teachers and

researchers in the activities of sending teachers to the countryside in the national

training project to give careful guidance to the problems existing in the training of

teachers so that they can actively participate in the activities of sending teachers to

the countryside so as to enhance the teaching level in township areas. The National

Training Program is an educational project that can benefit many rural teachers and

a platform for exploring the development of teacher training. In the process of pro-

ject development, we can rely on the teaching resources of local teams and experts

at home and abroad, adopt the latest teaching methods, and regularly carry out cor-

responding teaching activities in the countryside. This way can innovate the train-

ing mode of rural teachers, improve the teaching level of them, and then promote

the overall teaching level.

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